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Bonaire offers scuba diving 24/7, 365 days a year and in a pristine underwater environment with access to many locations for shore and boat diving, it is an award winning diving destination that accommodates every skill level, from beginner to advanced diver. There are more than 85 official dive sites on Bonaire and on Klein Bonaire, of which 54 are shore dive sites. Bonaire is an underwater paradise that awaits you, with more than 350 fish species and 57 species of soft and stony coral. For more information on the Bonaire Marine Park visit


Atlantis/Kite Beach is located on the Southwest coast of Bonaire. It is a perfect kite spot, with its warm and flat waters and steady winds. Join the relaxed kite community, meet new people and kite with turtles. For lessons and rental of equipment you go to Bonaire Kite School  or Kiteboarding Bonaire,



Windsurfers will find their way to Bonaire’s windsurfers’ paradise quick and easy. Lac Bay is a unique shallow blue-green bay that is protected by a reef. With its ideal location and steady winds, this is the home spot of many free style windsurfers. Lessons and rental equipment are available at

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